Important Information

Bells/Car Pick-up/Bus Procedures 

· Students may begin arriving to school at 7:00 a.m. Students who eat breakfast at school may go straight to the lunchroom. All other students should report to the music room or the library (staff will help them find their place). Students will be directed to go to class at 7:30. Students arriving after 7:35 will be counted tardy. If your child arrives late, you must report to the main office with your child to sign him/her in. Car dismissal is at 2:45. **Please remember that ALL students must be picked up at 11:00 for the first week of school. NO EXCEPTIONS!! ** 

· If your child’s pick–up routine is going to be different for the day, you must call the school EARLY in the day and I will receive the message from our secretary, or you may send me a note. If I do not have a note from you or a message from school personnel, I will send your child home the way he/she normally goes home. Your child cannot tell me that day and expect to go home a different way than normal. 

· Car riders must be picked up by 3:00 p.m. If not, we will be required to send them to extended day where payment will be expected. You must have your BLUE VISOR CARD in order to pick up your child. 

· Bus riders will have a colored arm band that helps us know who goes on which bus. PLEASE LEAVE THESE ON YOUR CHILD UNTIL I CUT THEM OFF! 

Lunch/Snack Procedures 

LUNCH-Please send money for lunch in an envelope with student name, teacher name, lunch #, amount in envelope, and labeled lunch. You may pay by the day, week, or month. Any money not used will be carried over to the next day/week. All money must be put in your child’s GREEN FOLDER. Your child may bring lunch, but please remember that we may not have time to “heat up” a lunch…so please send a lunch that does not need to be heated. 

SNACK-If your child plans to purchase snack from the school you must send snack money DAILY! For a drink and chips the cost is $1.00. You can no longer pay snack by the week or month. We cannot keep money in our room and it cannot be sent to the office. We have no way of keeping up with the money so if you send more than $1.00 the money will be returned home each day. You may send a snack from home as well. 

Medication Dispensing 

You must sign a medication form if your child needs medication at school. Our school nurse will be responsible for all medications. I cannot give your child any medication!!! Please let me know if your child will be taking medication any time during the year. 


Absences are either excused or unexcused. If your child is absent, please send a NOTE WITHIN 2 DAYS of their return to school or the absence will be counted as unexcused. Three (3) unexcused tardies=one (1) unexcused absence. You may only have 4 PARENT NOTES per semester. I am giving you pre-made excuses that you may use. Attendance is accounted for in kindergarten!!! Please read the entire attendance policy of Albertville City Schools in your red handbook.

Parent/Teacher Communication 

·  Please look at your child’s behavior calendar located in his/her green folder EVERY night and initial in the square. This will let you know your child’s behavior for each day and also will let me know you are aware of his/her behavior at school 

· Parent/Teacher conferences will be scheduled upon teacher/parent request. 

· My planning time is at 11:00 everyday. You may call and leave me a message at 256-878-7922. 

· My e-mail is You may e-mail me anytime and I will get the message very quickly. If you have an e-mail address you would like to share with me, please feel free. This will be a very quick form of communicating with each other. 

· You may also send a note in your child’s green folder and I will respond in the same manner. 


Look for a weekly newsletter at the beginning of each week in your child’s folder. This will include the letter of the week, math and theme skills, and any important announcements, etc. Please post this in a safe place for daily reference! Check the parent information page for the current weekly newsletter.