Behavior Plan

Positive student behavior is one of the important components of a classroom environment in which children learn essential basic skills needed for a successful school career and life. Students who are able to manage their behavior not only contribute to their own wealth of knowledge but also to those of their peers. I encourage positive behavior management by recognizing those students who choose to abide by the rules of the classroom. This recognition comes in many forms, which include hugs, cheers, thank you's stickers, etc. Students will have ample time to learn, practice, and implement our classroom rule "KINDNESS."

Students will clearly understand my high expectations for behavior and learning. You will be informed each day of your child's choices, so that you may praise your child for a job well done, or encourage them to make better choices during the duration of the school year.

The behavior system used in my classroom is the "red light" system. Each student will begin every day on Blue, and the goal is to stay on blue all week in order to visit the treasure box on Friday. However if any school or classroom rules are broken the student will be asked to move their stick to GREEN. This is their warning. If poor behavior continues, they will move to yellow, and then red if the behavior continues. If a student gets on the red light, I will decide whether to contact the parent or send the student to the principal.

As I mentioned earlier, our one classroom rule is "kindness." This rule/word covers everything about behaving appropriately at school.  If we are kind we listen to our teachers and follow directionswe are kind to others by not interrupting, lending a helping hand, not hitting, pushing, etc., we rest quietlywe work hard and do out best always, we follow hallway, bathroom, lunchroom, and playground rules, we keep our work areas neat and clean, etc. Brief discussions about this rule may help your child understand that you also expect him/her to make good choices. Please remember this plan will be most effective with your support. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.