Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Classroom Preparations Year 2

Okay, so I think I have mentioned that I decided to move classrooms this year, but I'm going to say it again. On the last day of school I had alllllll of my stuff stacked up and packed up and my room was ready to be waxed during the summer. WELL, our principal was having to shift some of our teachers and special area teachers around to meet the needs of our HUGE class of kinders that we have this year. Well a smaller classroom came available and it was going to go to our new hire teacher. It didn't take me long to get that itch to move, so I just went straight to Mrs. Penney and asked. She, along with everyone else thought I was crazy, but I actually didn't need such a big room, I had 2 empty bookshelves so I felt that it made more sense to give someone with more "stuff" the larger room. I have worked several days this summer between moving houses, building a new gym, and vacations and I am finally able to say that my room is finished. All I have to do is get all my kids names put on all of their stuff. So, anyway take a look at all of the before and after pics and leave me some comment love :D

Ok this is obviously one of the before shots. Since I have a red wall instead of green I had to completely change my theme. I just can't do purple and red together.

Here we go...

I chose apples and polka dots for my theme this year. Not anything original, but I love it. My door is made from Deco Mesh that I bought from Hobby Lobby, the tree trunk is burlap stuff with butcher paper, and the apples were dicut with scrapbook paper in various shades and patterns of red and green. I laminated them and clipped them to the tree with a clothespin. The tree looks a little wonky because we aren't allowed to cover our window.

This is my "Welcome" board where my kids will put their folder, notes, and money each morning. The bulletin board has our "colorful helpers, calendar, weather, and birthdays for the month. 

This is my teacher table and small group area. I had to break down and make the crate seats. Several other teacher at school have done them this year and every time I walk in their rooms I want them haha so I made my own. 

This is the view from my door. Small group table to the left and welcome board on the right. I did the vinyl spots on my floor like sweet Jamie can see her post about that HERE.

Promethean board and whole group area. Word wall on left and listening center on the right. This was the ONE thing in my room that I didn't have that "perfect" place for. So I hope this works, otherwise they may be in the hallway haha. All of my literacy games and "stuff" is stored on this side of the room where we do all of our literacy whole group

ABCs, Brown Bear colors will stay up forever, and this is also the board with my literacy and math centers.

My new writing center board. Cute printouts thanks to A Cupcake For the Teacher on TPT

Cozy little reading corner

Computer center...imagine a large bulletin board with our "best work"...hopefully that is coming soon.

Here's a blurry look inside my crate seats...sorry. Each one houses a dry erase board, blend book, and a pencil box with pencil, highlighter, dry erase marker, "eye spy" reading stick, ABC flash flippers, and a sock to erase with. 

Kiss you brain bucket and "quiet critters" as seen on Pinterest

And of course, our wonderful reading buddies


Mrs. Cupcake said...

I'm loving your room!!! I'm also jealous because I can't get into my room until mid-August! Thank you for the shout-out, your writing board looks great!! :)
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Little Miss said...

Your classroom is adorable! I love polka dots! It's clear that you put a lot of work into that classroom this summer.

Mrs. M said...

Very cute and organized!! I love the polka dots =)

The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

Mrs. Lundquist said...

I love your room. :) I loooove the tree! I am going on the hunt for deco mesh!

Ella said...

Lovely room. I also want to have a room like that. hahahah, The students will truly love the place! Good job in decorating. It's wonderful and adorable. :)

Mrs. Egley said...

Room looks great!! Question for you --- do you know where you got the blue and green small pocket charts for your literacy and math board? I have been looking for some like that - Target has them but they are not wide enough.

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Your room looks beautiful, Anna! I LOVE the big posters that spell "read"! By any chance, do you remember the name of the company that makes them? Thanks so much! :D

Anna said...

Hi Kimberly, I finally got up to the school today to look at those posters. They are made by Carson Dellosa :) Hope that helps!

Anne Dee said...

"For over 35 years, Carson-Dellosa has remained the leading provider of innovative classroom solutions for teachers "

Amber Fox said...

Hi Anna, is it at all possible for you to explain how you made.the seat crates or where I could find directions. I just love them.

Keri Keeler said...

Hi Anna, I too, would love to know how you made the seat crates. What a great idea!

morahdaisha said...

Love, love,love your classroom! Thanks for inspiring me to get a jump on it!! Did you make your window treatment and if so how? I also love your cute little reading shelf with storage below and where did you find your read letters in the same picture....
You are amazing...Keep up the good work...
Morah Daisha

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