Thursday, July 19, 2012

Calendar Time!

Hey there! So I have been busy at work my dining room table working on my first pack for the summer! I feel so stinking behind!! But oh well, I can mark this off of my to do list. I decided to create this pack because I want to switch up my morning routine with my kiddos. Last year, I had "morning baskets" that operated exactly like my math and literacy centers. That means that I had to come up with 5 different worksheets/activities for my kids to do in the morning. Another reason I created this is because my school has just adopted a new math program called Go Math! It's common core math, which is something we weren't doing prviously. When the Go Math! people started coming to our school and giving us the scoop on their program, I decided that I was going to need some more time to teach my whole group math lesson...this means I'd have to shorten my calendar time to like 2 minutes. Yeah right! SOOOOO, that being said, I have decided to eliminate the burden of struggling to have 5 morning activities, and increase my calendar time from 10 minutes to 25-30 minutes.

Okay, so I know we all have several different ways that we approach calendar so I THINK/HOPE/PRAY that I have created the "ultimate" calendar least for August and September. I created 3 different "front" pages that you can choose from. Each one is a little different because we all teach and incorporate things differently on our calendars, and these pages include a big bulk of the things on the calendar. I have also included 4...or maybe 5...I obviously can't remember, "back" sheets. These sheets were created to get our kids thinking about math, science, and language all at one time! WooHoo! It's more of a problem solving, hands-on kind of page. Again, since there is some options, you can choose which one works best with your front page to meet the needs of you and your students. And last but not least, in this pack you will find tons of prompts for literacy and math. The literacy prompts are very similar to "daily fix-it," but there are also several prompts for helping your kids learn to write and spell their name. The math prompts took me forever to come up with because the math skills we teach at the beginning of school are so basic. They involve all kinds of things like shapes, colors, and various activities involving numbers 0-5. I tried to keep it in line with the common core.

Anyway, I've just posted the pack in my store so click HERE to take a look!


Sarah said...

Your pack looks great! I'm always looking for something new for calendar and morning work. We also use Go Math at my school. I'm headed to your school next week for the conference! I'm so excited. :)

Anna said...

Thanks Sarah! You're so sweet! I hope you enjoy the conference!!

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