Monday, June 18, 2012

Lots of Fun News!

Hey there! Whew! Has your summer been as CRAZY as mine so far? I have been going 90 miles an hour since the last day of school and I can't wait until the end of the vacation cruise to Mexico! Wahoo!! Anyway, I have some good news to share. Kayla from Bulletin Board Ideas sent me an email  WEEKS ago about my "Welcome" door that I had up at the beginning of school last year. So fun! They did a cute little post about it. You can find the post here, but definitely check out the rest of their site. Such cute ideas!! I need to step up my game for this year hehehe. 

Second bit of little blog was nominated for "2012's Most Fascinating Kinder Teacher Blog" award. This was such an inspiring email to read this morning, because I KNOW that I am not the most fascinating kinder teacher, but it is nice to think that people out there have this opinion of me. Apparently the nomination was due to all of the comments that one of my posts had received, and I owe all of that to you guys! Keep those comments coming. Love to read them all! You will have a chance to vote for my blog to receive this award starting on June 25 and ending on July 2! The voting takes place at "Accelerated Degrees" Google Plus page, but remember it doesn't start until JUNE 25!! You can click the button below to go vote!

accelerated degree programs

And the third bit of news...I have an amazing friend who is about...well definitely before school open a clipart shop on Etsy, and hopefully I will be able to help her get a blog up and running by then as well.

My husband and I are finally settled in to our new home and almost every box has been unpacked. The new classroom however is currently in a state of disarray. BUT a little progress has been made! Can't wait to post the pics for it.