Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Zoo! The Zoo!

Wow! the last 2 weeks have been jam packed full of zoo excitement. We spent  9 whole days learning everything imaginable about the zoo, and then on day ten we got to experience the zoo in real life. This was such a big deal for the majority of my kiddos...some had no clue the zoo even existed until now! Crazy right?? 

Okay, on to the learning. Of course all of our zoo math and literacy centers can be seen in the preview below. You can pick these up in my tpt store. We also made a fact book of several different zoo animals. It was so much fun to hear my kiddos at the zoo say "Hey Mom! Did you know an elephant can eat 1,000 pounds of food everyday! I bet I can do that!" haha love those little guys and I am so proud that they are learning!!! We also chose 4 zoo animals that we were the most excited to see and colored a picture, read several fact books, made that animal, and wrote some fact strips to go out in the hallway. Check out the pictures so you can see all the fun!

Feeding the lorikeets

Class favorite


waiting on the train

Hooray for field trip parents!!

My favorite

Worn out kinders! How sweeeettt!!!


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Did you go today?? We were there for my son, Jack's field trip (preschool) It was CROWDED!!
Love the pack!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Krogers Kindergarten said...

Love the lion!!

Nicole said...

How fun!!! Love all those animal facts!
Rowdy in Room 300

Anna said...

Jennifer- No, We went last Friday...just now getting around to posting. Sad I missed you though! That would have been fun to see you. It was SUPER crowded when we went too.

Anna said...

Thanks girlies!!

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