Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Has Sprung...

Well it has in my TPT Store. Yes, that's right, I have just posted my units for Plants and Insects. Now, I know a lot of people do these themes separately, but I think plants and insects go together like butter on a biscuit so I am teaching this unit as one! I did however post a literacy unit and a math unit separately mainly because I want to know what you all think...Do you like to purchase them together or separate?? AND do you like having both the color and the black and white images? Sometimes I feel like I am just taking up space with the color images, because I only use black and white, but if there are lovers of color images out there I will certainly keep them in! Let me know what y'all think by leaving a comment! Here are the previews for both of the units. Don't forget to stop by my store and take a closer look!


Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Oh gosh, I am the first one to comment...I always miss the ones that are a giveaway to the first 3 or so that comment! Just my luck...LOL,

Both of your units look great. Honestly, I haven't seen that many units that combine math and literacy, but I feel sure if you do a price break for buying both, people would buy them that way. I try to print as much as I can in black and white. However, if it is a game, I like to print those in color for my kids to use. Thanks for sharing your ideas!~

Ms. Rachel said...

I like that you split up math and literacy.. as a special ed. teacher, sometimes one or the other is too high for my kiddos and I don't get to use it!

Im a new follower!

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KRISTA said...

This looks adorable! I am a new follower.


vicky1970 said...

Hi Anna - I just found you through first grade blue skies...very cute blog and ideas! I'm your newest follower. Come visit me sometime. :o)
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Staci said...

I'm your newest follower! :) Your packet is so cute!! :)

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Kelly said...

Just found you through First Grade Blue have a cute blog!!

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