Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Week of Valentine Fun!

So I am a little behind on the blog posts, but I'm catching up now so it;s all good. So the week before actual Valentine's Day, Mrs. Holcomb's class spent all week learning about Valentine's Day and what the day is really all about. We learned how to cut a heart out of a folded piece of paper, We painted our very own valentines on our brand new easel and decorated our door, and we measured just hoooooowwww much we love someone.

Then on the real day we didn't completely throw out the lesson plans for community helpers, but we did a few extra special valentine activities. Of course we did a valentine word search to build up some V-day vocab, we had our first addition experience with Hershey kisses, we graphed our favorite candy convo heart flavor and out favorite saying, and of course we swapped Valentine's with everyone! Take a look at all the fun we had learning about such a fun day!


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