Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Here!

YAY!!! I can't tell y'all how stinking excited my kids and I are about our new easel!!! We've had an older easel that we've been using, and we are soooo grateful for the person that supplied us with it, but thanks to so many of you blog readers and kinder kid lovers, my first Donors Choose grant was funded. Now when I have 4 kids at the art center, they can all use it at one time, the clips actually hold our paper up, and there is a spot to hang them to dry. EEEEK :) I've already got plans in store for "Artie" next week during our Valentine unit. kids have named some of the items they consider important in this room, so they have deemed him Artie. Our computers are Bert and Ernie. And our class bird (not a real one) is Richard. Presh! They are constantly making me smile! Anyway, if you were one of the donors to this project, your official "thank you" is in the works! Happy Friday everyone!


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