Saturday, February 25, 2012

America the Beautiful

This week we learned all about America and some important symbols in our country. We focused on a few of the more important presidents from the past and we also learned some things about the current one. The first big deal for me was the Pledge of Allegiance. We say this every morning in our school, and sometimes the words don't come out quite right haha...they are just 5 years old. We painted a flag and filled in all of the missing sight words in the pledge. After reading it just a time or two, you're able to actually understand what they say in the mornings. We read about George Washington and Abe Lincoln. The kids really enjoyed learning about them mainly because "George wears a wig," and "I can't believe Abe Lincoln loved to read!" We also did a measuring activity with Abe since we just started our measurement unit in math. We ended the week learning about our current president. I didn't manage to get any center pictures this week, but they all came from my Presidents and Patriotism Unit in my tpt store. Take a look at all our fun!!!


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