Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mittens, Hot Chocolate, and Hibernation...In a 4 Day Week!

Whew! I think the title of this post explains it all... there was lots of busy bodies in Mrs. Holcomb's class. We were out of school on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so when we came back on Tuesday, we hit it hard and got things done. Our theme for the week was Hibernation and Hot Cocoa to go along with our letter of the week...H. I also threw in some Mitten stuff, because Jan Brett is a genius and my kiddos love her books! All of this week's math and literacy centers came from Jamie Mayas and Julie Lee. I honestly don't know what I would do without those 2 sweet girls helping me through my first year. 

OH! And to top off a busy week, it was also a very worrysome week for me and my kiddos because of winter DIBELS testing. Yikes! I must say though, I am so so so so proud of my babies, they did such a wonderful job! There was lots of hugs and standing O's everytime one of them came back with that little yellow score paper in their hand. I love the love that my kiddos share with me and with each other, they're such a great group of kids! Take a look at this week's pics to see all the happenings in room 12! Don't forget to stop by my tpt store. If you haven't talked about Polar Bears, I've got the perfect mini literacy unit for you! Also, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so check out the HUGE V-Day unit as well! Life is kind of crazy at the moment but I have a few things sketched out to make and maybe even some freebies for ya! Stay tuned and I hope the week ahead is a great one for everybody!

Found this super cute mitten activity on What The Teacher Wants

We read a couple of books about hibernation and made a trifold with hibernation facts about bears, birds, and turtles. The kids loved it and they turned out so cute!


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