Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Need Suggestions...

Hey friends! What are some of your favorite Christmas stories for kindergarten? I need to get some books for my sweet babies


Unknown said...

I do a gingerbread man unit and read several versions. Jan Brett has some beautiful books - Wild Christmas Reindeer , 12 days of Christmas,etc. Love Polar Express. One you might not know is A Letter to Santa byRose Impey. It is a darling story about a little girl just learning to write. She accidentally sends Santa a shopping list instead of her list of presents. It turns out to be just what she wanted. I enjoy this book teaching the children about letter writing and the joy of learning to write.
Tonia in Redlands,CA. This is my 32nd year teaching and I just love the blogs!

Mrs. Russell's Class said...

Hi Anna,
Although I haven't yet read this book to my students, one that I plan on reading this year is The Snowglobe Family. I hadn't heard of the book until I saw it on Deanna Jump's blog with a really neat craft and writing activity. Deanna is also a Kindergarten teacher if you haven't come across her blog yet! She has really great ideas!

Mrs. Russell's Class said...

This link should take you to Deanna's post "Snowman Fun." You'll have to scroll down, but then you should get to it. The writing prompt for the book is "If I lived in a snowglobe..." : )

Anna said...

Unknown, Thank you so much! The books are on my list to order!

Mrs. Russell's Class, LOVE that idea! Thanks so much for sharing.


Jen said...

Jan Brett Books, Gingerbread Man books, Hansel and Gretel, Polar Express, The Animals Advent, The Littlest Christmas Tree, Christmas in the Big Woods, Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

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