Saturday, November 12, 2011

I is for Indians

What a fun week...well it's actually been 2 weeks. Since our focus letter was a vowel, we spent an extra week on it and covered the long and the short of it all. Since Thanksgiving is coming up soon, we have started talking about pilgrims and Indians, the latter being the main focus to go along with our focus letter. We made a super cute trifold book about Squanto and how he helped the pilgrims. We made some fraction Indians as a great introduction to whole, half, thirds, and quarters. Then we spent a couple of days talking about symmetry and making symmetry Indians. They turned out sooooo cute, but I forgot the final picture. I'll have to put it on here later this week so you can see the final product. Oh! We also made some pattern block teepees and dreamcatchers. Now I will say I think I just got really excited about making a dreamcatcher, and didn't fully think through the process of actually making them with 5 and 6 year olds. MOOOOSTT of them turned out beautiful, but I didn't stop to consider the fact that a lot of my kiddos can't tie their shoes yet, and there is a lot of knot tying involved with making these. Like I said, they turned out cute, BUT this was definitely a newbie teacher learning experience, and I've decided that I probably won't make them again next year. Anyway, take a look at the pictures and see what fun we had! There are a few center pics thrown in there as well.

10 Little Indians flip book

Fraction Indians


Symmetry Indians. I promise I'll post the final product, along with the pattern block teepees. I didn't realize I forgot that picture too. 

Oh! By the way, I'll have a few Christmas freebies coming soon!! Yay!


Unknown said...

I was wondering about the order you teach the letters and sounds? do you spend a week on each letter? When do you start sight words and how many do you teach in a week?
Thanks , if you have time to respond

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