Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Indian Pow Wow and Thanksgiving Fun!

Wow, long time no blog! I had so many things to do during our break that I just didn't have the time. So... going back to the Friday BEFORE Thanksgiving break, we had several local Cherokee Indians come to our school for our annual Pow Wow. There were several different stations that we visited so the kiddos could learn everything there is to know about being a real Native American. The kiddos had SO much fun!  Take a look at our pictures.

We saw lots of animal furs and Native American artifacts. I MUST tell y'all this hilarious story... The very first animal fur that the man held up was light brown with some fairly big white spots. He asks the kids "what kind of animal do you think this is?" Then out of nowhere this super loud and terribly excited child says "I know, I know what it is!!!" so the man says, "ok son, what is it?" He replies "It's a bulldog!" Haha, needless to say, the teachers in that room completely lost it and couldn't quit laughing. It was actually a deer skin. Oh, the things they come up with sometimes.

This man was actually a local boy scout that competes in Native American dance competitions. He made his entire outfit by hand!! It was phenomenal to see the hard work he put into it and to hear his story.

After the Pow Wow that afternoon, we did our Thanksgiving program for our parents. The kids did a great job! We sang some fun songs about Indians, pilgrims, and turkeys, and then we spelled out "Thanksgiving" and said a little blurb for each letter. I was so proud!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Little Red

Today, all 400+ kinder kids and teachers from my school headed over to the Albertville Fine Arts Center to watch the play, "Little Red." The play was presented by the Little Aggies Theater, so all of the cast members we're from the Albertville City system. Let me tell you, they had a very talented group of kids up there! I have somewhat of a personal attachment to Little Red, Little Miss Muffet, Little Boy Blue, and Wolf because they are the children of some of my favorite teachers, or kids I've known since they were itty-bitty kids on the swim team when I was a coach once upon a time. Now they're grown up and starring in the local play. I'm really making myself sound and feel old here! Anyway I took a few pictures of my kids and the play. Take a look!

Eagerly waiting on the bus to head to the Fine Arts Center.

We're ready!!

There's Little Red! Oh, and Granny, I'm not sure who you are, but you did a phenomenal job!

My camera didn't work too well in the dark, but I could not resist getting a picture of this facial expression when Wolf first came on stage. Her eyes were huge! Love it!

Take a bow!!

Here's The Pics I Forgot

Our CUTE symmetry Indians

And the pattern block teepees

I just love my kiddos. Even though I walk by this stuff every day, I don't take the time to notice how much they've improved in just 3 months of school. Time is flying by, and they are growing up so quickly  :(

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Need Suggestions...

Hey friends! What are some of your favorite Christmas stories for kindergarten? I need to get some books for my sweet babies

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I is for Indians

What a fun week...well it's actually been 2 weeks. Since our focus letter was a vowel, we spent an extra week on it and covered the long and the short of it all. Since Thanksgiving is coming up soon, we have started talking about pilgrims and Indians, the latter being the main focus to go along with our focus letter. We made a super cute trifold book about Squanto and how he helped the pilgrims. We made some fraction Indians as a great introduction to whole, half, thirds, and quarters. Then we spent a couple of days talking about symmetry and making symmetry Indians. They turned out sooooo cute, but I forgot the final picture. I'll have to put it on here later this week so you can see the final product. Oh! We also made some pattern block teepees and dreamcatchers. Now I will say I think I just got really excited about making a dreamcatcher, and didn't fully think through the process of actually making them with 5 and 6 year olds. MOOOOSTT of them turned out beautiful, but I didn't stop to consider the fact that a lot of my kiddos can't tie their shoes yet, and there is a lot of knot tying involved with making these. Like I said, they turned out cute, BUT this was definitely a newbie teacher learning experience, and I've decided that I probably won't make them again next year. Anyway, take a look at the pictures and see what fun we had! There are a few center pics thrown in there as well.

10 Little Indians flip book

Fraction Indians


Symmetry Indians. I promise I'll post the final product, along with the pattern block teepees. I didn't realize I forgot that picture too. 

Oh! By the way, I'll have a few Christmas freebies coming soon!! Yay!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Thank Y'all!

I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers (and Julie Lee for mentioning my blog on hers!!!). If you truly love my blog and have a teacher friend who is not a follower, please share it with them! Also, keep the comments and suggestions coming. It's hard being a first year teacher, and I need all the help I can get. :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Monday was the best Halloween I have ever experienced! This was the first Halloween I've spent with 18 kinder kids and the BEST school on earth! We "halloweened" allllll day long and managed to still get in all of the required math and literacy. Woo Hoo! We painted our pumpkins that we got on our field trip to the pumpkin patch, we read lots of fun halloween stories, we made "Witches Brew"(idea from What The Teacher Wants) during math and graphed out favorite creepy ingredient, AND the best part of the day was going Trick or Treating through the school and visiting some of our favorite special area teachers. Take a look at the pictures to see just how much fun we had.

This was our witches brew all mixed up. I had a cute little black cauldron to go with the activity but it wasn't big enough for all the goodies!

I forgot the picture of the finished product, but the earthworms (sour gummy worms) ended up being our favorite creepy ingredient.

Ready for candy!!

The kiddos getting a hygiene lesson from Mrs. Penney about brushing their teeth a little better haha! Such a fun day!