Monday, October 31, 2011

Scarecrows and Halloween Fun!

Last week our letter was C and our theme was scarecrows. I also threw in a little bit of Halloween center activities since it fell on a Monday this year. I don't really have too much else to say haha. Check out this week center pics...well actually last week, anyway look at all the fun we had while learning! 

Label the scarecrow. They also had a matching coloring book to go along with this.

This was a math center. They had 10 seconds to see how many "crows" (poms) they could pick out of the corn! Fun!

Sorry I'm so short on words this week. Just a little exhausted I suppose! Let me know what you think! I love reading your comments and suggestions!!

Red Ribbon Week

Hey y'all! Sorry, long time no blog. I was out of town this weekend with no internet :( Anyway, this past week was a SUPE ! R busy week. Our school celebrated Red Ribbon Week with tons of fun activities to teach our kiddos all about being drug free. The theme this year was Super heros! So fun! We had a door decorating contest and my kiddos came up with the idea all by themselves. They said they wanted to save the world from drugs. I just helped with the wording to make it a little more "super heroish" We had a few kids dress up for super hero day and we had some football players come and read some great stories to us. It was a wonderful week! Oh and our class won 3rd place in the door decoration competition, and I won 1st place for best teacher super hero costume! Love these kids

Friday, October 21, 2011

First Kindergarten Field Trip

Today, we went on our very first kindergarten filed trip to the Pumpkin Patch! It wasn't just a first for my kiddos, this was also a first time for me, and y'all...WE. HAD. SO. MUCH. FUN! My initial thoughts on this place was that it would just be a big garden full of pumpkins and a playground or something, but I was completely wrong. We got there about 9:00 and had a different activity to do every 30 minutes. We started out in the corn crib, shelling corn off the cobs, then we went on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch to pick out our very own pumpkins, we skipped the painting station because my kids want to paint them on Halloween  (FUN!), so we had a quick potty break with a yummy lunch afterwards. Next we headed to the cow train, this was so cute, then to the playground, then to the corn pit where the kiddos took off their shoes and played in a huge box of dried corn. Similar to a sandbox, but it felt soooo good, and they had a blast in there. Next we went to visit and pet a few farm animals. Y'all the cow was so sweet, she wanted some love from everybody. After that we moved on to the hay maze, dinosaur bone dig, and the hay slide, and finally we ended our day with a trip through the corn maze and a yummy snack. The kids we so exhausted and most of mine fell asleep right when we got on the bus. Great Day!

P is for Pumpkins!

What a busy week! This week our letter was P and since it's October it is the perfect time to discuss pumpkins! Again, I only have a few pictures of this weeks goings on, but you can still see all the fun we had. We made a pumpkin life cycle pocket (not pictured) that was very similar to the apple life cycle we made a few weeks ago. We made a "Ten Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Fence" flip book. This idea came from Julie Lee. The kiddos labeled a pumpkin in this week's art center, and towards the latter part of the week, we did a pumpkin investigation! So fun! We estimated a pumpkin circumference with yarn, measured it with cubes, counted the lines and bumps, and then we did an experiment to see whether or not our pumpkin would float. We graphed our predictions after doing a quick mini lesson on how much things weigh, and the majority of the kiddos said the pumpkin would sink. Well, when we filled our tub of water what did we find??? ALL pumpkins float! This was such a fun experiment to do. Take a look at some of this week's activities. Sorry I didn't think to take any pictures of our centers :(

WOW! Okay, I know you couldn't just see how fast those photos uploaded, but I have just decided that I  will forever and always blog at school. My internet at home is SO slow comparatively. Yay for technology!...(when it works :D)