Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grandparents Day

This past week we had Grandparents day at our school. Since we have over 400 kinder kiddos we split up these kind of special activities between our 4 school color "teams" so we can accommodate such large groups of people. It's the same for fieldtrips, etc. Anyway, our class didn't have Grandparent's Day until FRIDAY! Whew! The kids were so excited when they saw the first group of grandparents on Tuesday, I had to break their little hearts and tell them that they were here for some other kids, but they could bring theirs on Friday. They were sad, but still excited that their day would eventually come, even though the wait felt like an eternity. All day on Friday the kids were talking about who was going to come and we all talked about the things they could do once they got here. When 1:45 FINALLY came they were beyond excited to introduce their family members or special friends that came to visit. Of course, I was caught in the moment myself and I only managed to get 1 picture! That's better than none I guess.


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