Friday, August 19, 2011

Making Peace

Being a "Peacemaker" is a huge deal at my school. We use peacemaking as way for our students to learn to stand up to bullies, so we spend the first couple of weeks talking about what peacemakers do and how to be a peacemaker at our school. When a teacher sees a child being a peacemaker, they are recognized and rewarded with something. Our school gives us peacemaker buttons for them to wear throughout the day, but I also let my kids visit the "peace bucket." It's the same concept as a treasure chest, but it's filled with "peace" stuff. You can find some really cute ideas at Oriental Trading. With all that being said, we've spent a little time every day this week talking about peacemaking and reading several books that go along with this whole concept. Today was the last day that we are really going to spend time discussing it because my kiddos really seem to be a peaceful group.

Today we read "The Peace Book," and "Sharing How Kindness Grows." "The Peace Book" puts a real focus on spreading peace in any manner, whether it be at home, in the classroom, or being kind to our environment. "Sharing How Kindness Grows" gives several cute little scenarios as to how a child can be kind to another person and make their day so much better. My kids loved this book because our classroom rule is kindness and they always love to see what they can do to make a new friend, or to help out a friend. I must say that I have a sweet group of kids.

To really hit the peacemaking nail on the head, we did a really fun activity with paint. The kids loved it, and I am a firm believer that adding paint to any activity really reinforces whatever concept we may be learning about at the moment. Anyway, I've posted a picture of the end result of our peacemaking activity.


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