Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Kissing Hand

For the first week of school we used the story "Kissing Hand" as our theme. It's a story about Chester raccoon who is nervous about going to school so his mother tells him about a family secret called the kissing hand. It's a super sweet story and you should read the rest to find out what happens. We did all kinds of different activities that involved Chester, but the last thing we did on Friday was make our TLC Chester. (Incase you're wondering, TLC=Teaching Little Children) It was our very first cutting and pasting activity and they did such a great job! There's a few blank spots because I had some sick kiddos that weren't at school, but that doesn't take away from the cuteness!

Oh yeah! This is the work display area outside my room that I forgot to take a picture of for my classroom tour.


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