Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hi Friends! Long time no blog, I know. I've been having issues with my internet at home, and I'm always way too busy at school to have any time to blog there. Now our internet is fixed, but I'm trying to figure out why my blog design changed completely out of the blue?? No idea. I'll be fixing that soon enough! I have lots and lots to tell, but right now I have to go be a wife for a few hours. Glad to be back online though. see you soon!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Colors, Shapes, and Bears Oh My!

B-L-U-E spells blue, B-L-U-E spells blue, hi ho did you know, B-L-U-E spells blue? Yes, yes that's what goes through my mind all day long as a kindergarten teacher. As you all know, we have been learning our colors as we read our Brown Bear story and today was blue day! We did our brown bear math and literacy centers that we've been working on all week, and today during theme we made our "blue ribbon horse" for our texture book. Oh and how could I forget! We DANCED to all the color song videos for the colors that we have learned so far, brown, red, yellow, and blue. Tons of fun! Still trying to break those shy ones out of their shells.

We've also been learning our shapes, but I need some more activities for learning and recognizing shapes. Some of my kiddos are getting the names mixed up. One student told me today, "there's just too many tangles!" Haha gotta love them!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brown Bears All Around

Okay, so the second week of school has officially begun. For the next 2 weeks our theme activities are based on the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Eric Carle. I don't know if you know, but when I choose a theme, everything we do revolves around it including all of our centers for literacy and math. Aaaaannnyway, Brown Bear's focus is obviously on colors which is super important to learn in kindergarten. We sing color songs, and dress up for color days, we definitely go all out, and the kiddos love it. For out theme activity for the next 2 weeks, we are making a Brown Bear texture book. The first one we made was our painted brown bear. Of course I forgot to take pictures of the kids in action, but I did get some pictures of the end results. This was the FIRST time we painted and the kids did an AMAZING job! Not one person ended up with paint on their clothes, the floor, or even their hands!! We'll see if that lasts all year...I bet not :) Oh, I also put up my brown bear work display bulletin board in the classroom. Turned out pretty cute I think.

The Kissing Hand

For the first week of school we used the story "Kissing Hand" as our theme. It's a story about Chester raccoon who is nervous about going to school so his mother tells him about a family secret called the kissing hand. It's a super sweet story and you should read the rest to find out what happens. We did all kinds of different activities that involved Chester, but the last thing we did on Friday was make our TLC Chester. (Incase you're wondering, TLC=Teaching Little Children) It was our very first cutting and pasting activity and they did such a great job! There's a few blank spots because I had some sick kiddos that weren't at school, but that doesn't take away from the cuteness!

Oh yeah! This is the work display area outside my room that I forgot to take a picture of for my classroom tour.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Days of Fun

Since we only went to school from 7:30 to 11:00 this week, (which was WoNdErFuL) we didn't really have a set schedule to follow like we will for the rest of the year, though I did try to keep our "routine" similar every day. We did a lot of coloring, but when I asked my kiddos what their favorite part about kindergarten was, they said they loved our math tubs. This week I put these out in the mornings to get their brains going and their hands moving. They really just thought they were playing, but they were actually working on patterning, sorting, shape recognition, and working on their fine motor skills by hooking links together, lacing buttons, and stringing beads. Little do they know that these aren't even my "good" tubs, I have others that are a lot more fun! More to come on that later.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Making Peace

Being a "Peacemaker" is a huge deal at my school. We use peacemaking as way for our students to learn to stand up to bullies, so we spend the first couple of weeks talking about what peacemakers do and how to be a peacemaker at our school. When a teacher sees a child being a peacemaker, they are recognized and rewarded with something. Our school gives us peacemaker buttons for them to wear throughout the day, but I also let my kids visit the "peace bucket." It's the same concept as a treasure chest, but it's filled with "peace" stuff. You can find some really cute ideas at Oriental Trading. With all that being said, we've spent a little time every day this week talking about peacemaking and reading several books that go along with this whole concept. Today was the last day that we are really going to spend time discussing it because my kiddos really seem to be a peaceful group.

Today we read "The Peace Book," and "Sharing How Kindness Grows." "The Peace Book" puts a real focus on spreading peace in any manner, whether it be at home, in the classroom, or being kind to our environment. "Sharing How Kindness Grows" gives several cute little scenarios as to how a child can be kind to another person and make their day so much better. My kids loved this book because our classroom rule is kindness and they always love to see what they can do to make a new friend, or to help out a friend. I must say that I have a sweet group of kids.

To really hit the peacemaking nail on the head, we did a really fun activity with paint. The kids loved it, and I am a firm believer that adding paint to any activity really reinforces whatever concept we may be learning about at the moment. Anyway, I've posted a picture of the end result of our peacemaking activity.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Great First Day!

Today was our very first day of kindergarten at Big Spring Lake! I wasn't quite sure what to expect from my sweet babies, but they were all GREAT! Since we started school on a Monday this year, we only had the kids there until 11:00. I didn't get to take too many pictures because we had to fit so much stuff in, in just a few short hours, but boy did we learn a lot! We made new friends, learned all about classroom, bathroom, and hallway rules and behavior, we sang songs, read stories, and we even took a school tour while trying to find our friend Chester from "Kissing Hand." We didn't find him, but when we got back to our classroom he had left us a special treat for snack time. Even though our day was super busy, we did manage to find time to dance the "Tooty Ta." I had several shy students but they'll come out of their shell soon. I'll keep you updated!

Dancing the "Tooty Ta"

Friday, August 12, 2011

Meet and Greet

Hey Y'all! Yesterday at 2:00 I got to meet almost all of my kiddos that will be in my class this year, and let me just say that I think we are going to have a wonderful year! They were all so cute and sweet! I can't wait to actually see their personalities once they break out of their shells. The first is just around the corner, and by that I mean MONDAY! Ahh! I'm so excited and a little nervous because I want everything to go perfectly. I'll keep you posted!